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Potentially you

My Playlist

byNeuza da Silva Oliveira 6 Days ago
Make a soundtrack about your life because, undoubtedly, people who listen to music are happier.
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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes". Marcel Proust

byNeuza da Silva Oliveira 1 Month ago
Traveling for a positive view of yourself - Are the bags ready? Let´s get going!
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Tips For Looking At Self-Esteem Positively

byNeuza da Silva Oliveira 2 Months ago
Yes, you can "change your glasses"  and see yourself differently.
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Our Head Is Like A Dresser Full Of Drawers

byNeuza da Silva Oliveira 4 Months ago
A dresser, or a disorganized lifestyle, generates anxiety; and you will notice that, as soon as you get your hands...
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Mirror, Mirror What Version Of Me Do You Reflect?

byNeuza da Silva Oliveira 4 Months ago
To like and accept what you see in the mirror are two different things. 
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Spring Is Here. Enjoy It!

byNeuza da Silva Oliveira 5 Months ago
How do you deal with these days that invite you to go out and you have to stay in?
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