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The art of knowing how to use punctuation marks correctly… in life!

Posted on10 Months ago by

When you learn to read and write, in your native language, you learn the importance of using punctuation marks correctly. Punctuation marks are essential for you to be able to express yourself correctly and it allows the reader to read easily and fluently.

But punctuation is not only for writing and reading texts; in a metaphorical form, it can also be used for attributing the rhythm you want to give to your life.

A Comma

"A comma is a punctuation mark that performs three basic functions: indicating a pause between parts of a sentence or separating items in a list; preventing any ambiguity” (1)

The comma, in life, is that necessary pause for you to assess and try again, without changing your direction. It is the opportunity to change your strategy while maintaining the same goals. It is a brief pause so you can take a deep breath and continue. Use all the commas you need because a short break (or several) is often essential. 

Ellipsis Mark

"The ellipsis mark in writing, is three points at the end, beginning or middle of a sentence which indicates an intentional omission of a word, sentence, or whole section from a text without altering its original meaning. The use of this type of punctuation indicates a thought or idea that is left unfinished."(1)

To use the ellipsis mark is to navigate through life and let things happen until there is a need to return to the story and intervene. It is to let things flow, without thinking too much about it, simply because everything is fine as it is. You do not feel the need to use any other punctuation mark. Live life as is, without any worry.

Exclamation Mark

"It is used to indicate an expression, an emphasis of something, or for the identification of strong feelings."(1)

To make a stand, to make a statement, to say what you think and to show who you are, is to use a big, fat exclamation mark. It's so you, when you use it! Use it whenever you need to convey what you believe. Never forget who you are.

Question Mark

"Without question marks, a sentence cannot be understood as a question, becoming a statement. (...) It denotes a sign of doubt, of seeking an answer".(1)

To move forward and evolve, it is often essential that you question things in a balanced way; the rule “not always and not never” applies in this situation. Questions are essential so that you can find answers and open horizons. Asking questions is becoming aware that you don't know everything, and rightly so. Ask plenty, learn more!!

Full Stop

"A full stop is a punctuation mark used to indicate the end of a period, marking an absolute break."(1)

It's getting to the finish line, but it may also be realizing that you will never get there by accepting this. It's the end of a cycle, of a journey. At the end of a full stop, there is always a story filled with lessons. After the full stop, there is always the prospect of starting something new.

You are the author of your life, it depends on you what direction you want to take and how you want to tell it. Mark the punctuations with your heart and with your feet firmly on the ground, this is the best way to write your story, adding all the necessary chapters.

(1)   Wikipédia


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