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Does the makeup sponge deserve so much popularity?

bySonia Pereira Palmeiro 9 Months ago
Is giving the makeup sponges a chance worth it? Or is it just another dispensable accessory?
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Face Makeup, Why Complicate It?

1 Year ago
Read all about our suggestion for simplifying face makeup
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How to clean liquid and cream makeup from your brushes hassle-free!

bySonia M P Palmeiro 2 1 Year ago
Today we share with you, the secret on how to clean your makeup brushes like a Pro, it’s so quick and simple.
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Why are people talking about this makeup remover?

bySonia Pereira Palmeiro 1 Year ago
Does it provide you with the cleansing properties you need?
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Which lipstick should I wear today?

1 Year ago
Faces with Stories takes on lipstick as a person’s means of a statement. 
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Intro or extro? What is the best color?

1 Year ago
Have you ever questioned yourself which color should you choose for yourself?
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