Faces with Stories: Vision, Values and Social Responsibility


Faces with Stories is committed to being a Beauty Brand reference with recognized honesty and commitment, bringing memorable experiences to all who establish contact with us.


At Faces with Stories the values that guide us continuously are:

Excellence: Customer satisfaction, quality, innovation and improvement.
Teamwork: Equal opportunities.
Integrity: Honesty, trust, transparency, ethics and safety.
Commitment: Finding solutions, overcoming challenges, doing our best, creating connections and encouraging creativity.
Respect: For Human dignity and our Environment.

Our Team

At Faces with Stories, we value our team and believe that they bring unique approaches and innovative ideas to the brand. The success of the brand is the result of all the talents, efforts and passions that our members contributed to Faces with Stories. 

We respect their dignity and recognize their merit. Our members must feel free to make suggestions and criticism focused on continuous improvement.

We are a responsible brand that meets the highest standards of ethics and quality. We’ll always conduct business with integrity and respect for human rights. We promote: Safety and fair dealing; Anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices. 

We’ll ensure that we: Don’t risk the health and safety of our team members and community. 

We interact naturally with the local community, respecting their habits and routines.

At Faces with Stories, we support diversity and inclusion.

This policy applies to our company, our suppliers, partners and other corporations that interact with us.


Our company encourages its team members to volunteer. They can volunteer through programs organized internally or externally. Our company may sponsor volunteering events from other organizations. 

FWS commitment to the environment

Protecting our environment also plays an important role. We’ll always follow correct practices when disposing of garbage and using chemical substances. Recycling, reducing and reusing methods are taken into practice, as well as conserving energy and using environmental-friendly technologies.

Faces with Stories may support organizations that develop nature protection projects.

FWS commitment with the community

Faces with Stories supports organizations that develop educational projects and groups for self-growth and reintegration, empowering people to get back confidently in their society.

FWS commitment is to give back 2.5% of the sale of each product to support and organize campaigns to help people and help protect nature.



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