Online store, blog and social network's policy

Faces with Stories appreciates your interest in using all our social media networks. Therefore, a set of rules has been created that aim to guarantee a positive experience for all those who follow us, based on respect, veracity and common sense. We invite you to participate and to be creative, because without you and without all our followers, we would not exist.

If you want to post material on our online store, blog and social networks, you must accept the following rules:

    1. Faces with Stories considers material as: ideas, opinions, product reviews, reviews on opinions, photographs, images, video, creative works or other information.

    2. You must be registered on our online stores to submit material.

    3. You are responsible for all the material that you post on the online store, on the blog or on the social networks, guaranteeing Faces with Stories total immunity from any dispute that may arise from such action. If the post contains material protected by intellectual or industrial property rights, it is important that you ensure that this material is yours or that you have permission from the owner to divulge it. If the owner of the shared material identifies the material as not authorized for sharing, Faces with Stories will not take any risks and will delete the post.

    4. Before making any post, please make sure its material is adequate and related to Faces with Stories’ content, material and identity. Posts that do not fit in with our topics may be eliminated. You should be aware that the approval of contents depends on the following criteria: the brand's values, strategy, aims and needs; quality of the contents, value and utility that the contents may have for other people; evidence or proof that the contents presented on a certain product(s) are based on a real experience you have had with the product(s).

   5. It is strictly forbidden to post promotions and commercial links, advertisement, promotional contents, email chains or any direct or indirect promotional activity, or any other type of comment that does not relate to the brand’s identity.

    6. You should respect all other users of the online store, blog and social networks therefore, it is essential to accept and respect other user’s comments and differences of opinion. Posts and/or comments that may contain messages considered to be prejudicial to other people’s rights, or that violate the values and the pacific development of the brand, will be eliminated.

   7. Faces with Stories reserves the right to reproduce, modify or divulge the posts in accordance with the appropriate terms and means, with no right to any kind of compensation.

    8. Faces with Stories does not guarantee the availability or continuity of its online store, its blog and/or all its social networks on the web. Faces with Story has the right to modify, suspend or eliminate, any of them, and at any time without prior notice.

    9. If you experience illegal behavior, or you detect misuse of our social networks by others, you may inform Faces with Stories at, indicating in the subject box "Verify Social Network", so that Faces with Stories can moderate or eliminate contents.

    10. By using the online store, blog and/or social networks, you liberate Faces With Stories from any obligation for any dispute that may arise due to the posts you make or for other behavior related to or derived from the use of the networks described above.

    11. When posting on Faces with Storie's social networks, you will have to consider the Faces with Stories policies, its terms and conditions, as well as, the legislation in force and the Regulations and Conditions of the Platform that you are using (ex: Facebook or other Regulations and Conditions). 

    12. In case of dispute or confliction regarding the interpretation of the terms that constitute this Policy, as well as any question related to the services of this website, the applicable law is the Portuguese law, district of West Lisbon, Judicial Court of Mafra.

The websites ( and are domains owned by PALMEIRO GLOBAL LDA., Headquartered at Rua Direita nº 33, Gradil, 2665-113 Mafra, Portugal, under the email address

Faces with Stories reserve the right to change this Online Store, Blog And Social Networks’ Policy at any time. This Online Store, Blog And Social Networks’ Policy was last updated on 01/07/2020.



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