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Terms and Conditions


Faces with Stories sells its products and services on its online store, and also on online marketplaces and physical stores.

As you purchase products through our Website, you agree to submit to and be bound by our Terms and Conditions. You agree that the products available on Faces with Stories’ website, and any samples thereof, are for personal use only. You may not sell or resell any of the products, or samples thereof, purchased or otherwise received from us.  

Article 1 - Company Identification

Name: Palmeiro Global Lda.

Trademark: Faces with Stories

Office Address: Rua Direita n.27, 2665-113, Portugal

Tax ID number: 515049310

E-mail: customerservice@faceswithstoriescosmetics.com

Article 2 – Purpose

These Terms and Conditions aim to inform you about buying on Faces with Stories website, about the terms and conditions under which we, the selling company, through our brand, sell our products and services. The Terms and Conditions also define the rights and obligations of both parties, seller and buyer, during the online selling transaction.

These Terms and Conditions, together with other specific conditions that may be established, concern the website www.faceswithstoriescosmetics.com, as well as all purchasing acts through this website without exception.

When you place an order on the Faces with Stories’ website this declares your full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, existing at the time of ordering.

Article 3 - Purchase contract and related policies and procedures

    a) Prices

The product shall be sold at the price stated on the Faces with Stories’ website. The price you shall pay is the final price stated at the time of your order confirmation, as long as no error is noted.

Faces with Stories may, at any time, change the price of the products, and shall notify you of this change, before you confirm the order. All prices already include Value Added Tax (VAT) at the time of purchase. 

Shipping fees are added to the order price and are visible and detailed to you before your order confirmation.

In the rare event that the price shown on the checkout page is detected as an error, and Faces with Stories discovers this before processing your order, Faces with Stories will let you know as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or canceling it. If you cancel your order and you have already paid for the goods, then you will receive a full refund.

    b) Products

When you purchase on the Faces with Stories’ website you are free to select one or more products among the different categories of our online store. 

Faces with Stories reserves the right to modify its products’ variety, according to internal brand decisions.

All products follow the applicable legislation and are described on the website. If you intend to buy any of our products, it is advised to read this information carefully. 

If you have any questions regarding the products and their use, please contact Faces with Stories at customerservice@faceswithstoriescosmetics.com.

Our online store is prepared to notify you if a selected item is temporarily out of stock at the time of the order. However, Faces with Stories cannot prevent stock breaches, especially those that occur due to circumstances beyond our control. In the rare event of you making a purchase of products out of stock, Face with Stories with contact you.

   c) Workshops

Faces with Stories offers a variety of services which you will find in what we call, WORKSHOP. The purchase of these services is done in the same way you would purchase any other product on our website. The services are streamlined online, so it is necessary to have access to a computer with an internet connection.

After you purchase a service, you will be contacted by email in order to proceed with the scheduling of the service. You will also receive a questionnaire related to the purchased service, which must be completed and submitted within 48 hours before the scheduled time.

The scheduling of the service has a minimum antecedence of 72 hours (3 working days), according to the experience facilitator’s availability. At the scheduled time and day, the person responsible for providing the service will contact you-  the user of the service.

c.1.) Practical issues regarding the technology

- The use of these services requires and assumes that you, the buyer of the service, have the technical knowledge and skills to communicate via Internet. 

- Faces with Stories cannot be held responsible for communication failures.

- The service, in general, will take place using a webcam. If necessary, and in exceptional situations, voice functionality only may be used.

- In case there are communication problems and it is impossible to communicate, the service will be rescheduled with no additional cost.

c.2.) Rescheduling and Cancelling 

- Requests for re-booking a service should be sent at least 24 hours in advance. In this situation, the service will be rescheduled without further payment. Canceling a service on the day of the service will not be refunded. Any re-booking requested after the 24 hour period implies non-refund of the amount paid for the service.

- In the event of the person responsible for providing the service reschedules, there will be no additional cost.

- If you want to cancel the service and want to request a refund, you must do so up to 48 hours before the beginning time of the service, and always before the delivery of the completed questionnaire. After delivery of the completed questionnaire to Faces with Stories, you will not be refunded the amount paid, since the service has already begun, as the person responsible for the service has started preparing it on the basis of the same questionnaire. 

c.3.) Arriving late for the Session

- In case you do not show up on the agreed day and time, the workshop facilitator will wait 20 (twenty) minutes for you after the agreed time. After this period, it is considered that you, the person who bought the service, has not complied with the agreement and will not be refunded in the amount paid for the service.

- In case you arrive late and, having previously informed Faces with Stories of this delay, the service will be carried out, although with a proportionally shorter duration, as the service will be completed according to the scheduled time initially agreed.

c.4.) Confidentiality

- Faces with Stories guarantees the confidentiality of all information exchanged during the whole worshop process. Please, we advise you to get familiar with the Faces with Stories Privacy and Cookie Policy.

c.5.) Responsibility

- You accept and assume responsibility to complete the questionnaire the best way possible, providing all relevant and truthful information, understanding that this is essential to ensure that the service is adjusted to your needs and thus its success.

- All orientations given to you during the service are based on the information you provide. Any action taken by you, who has benefited from the service, is your sole responsibility and Faces with Stories cannot be accounted for your actions.

    d) Order 

Any order placed on the website indicates your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy (Cookies) of our site.

Before the order is confirmed, you must check the order details and correct any errors.

The purchasing contract has implications from the moment you validate the order. This confirmation validates that you have consciously accepted the content and conditions of the order in question, and in particular: the currently Terms and Conditions, the obligation to pay for the placed order, the prices, the volumes, the characteristics, the quantities and the delivery period of the order. Once the order is validated, it is no longer possible for you to cancel it!

After the purchase, you will receive an e-mail with the order confirmation. Faces with Stories recommends saving these confirming e-mails. The confirming e-mails are sent to the email address that you indicate; Faces with Stories cannot be held liable in case of email address error or non-receipt of the order confirmation e-mail.

Purchases made on Faces with Stories site are reserved for individual, non-commercial customers, for their own use or for offering a gift; which is why Faces with Stories only sells its products in quantities that correspond to the usual average person usage. We reserve the right to decline or cancel any single or accumulative order that displays quantities over the average person’s usage.

Faces with Stories reserves the right to suspend or cancel any order and/or delivery, at any stage of the order, in case of non-payment or partial payment of any amount, and in case of payment problems, or in case of fraud or attempted fraud related to the use of the Faces with Stories website, including previous orders.

    e) Active Legal Capacity

Before placing an order, you declare to be 18 years of age or over and to have full legal capacity that allows you to comprehend and follow the Terms and Conditions. Faces with Stories is not, under any circumstances, responsible for verifying the legal capacity of all people who visit our website and who make purchases through our site. Consequently, if a person who does not have the legal capacity, desires to order products from Faces with Stories website, its legal representatives must assume full responsibility for the order.

Article 4 – Payments

If you intend to purchase a product, payment options are presented on the online store, under the conditions specified below. At the payment stage of your order, you guarantee us (Faces with Stories), that you have the necessary authorizations to use the chosen form of payment. 

Payment methods

    • Credit Cards

The credit cards accepted on our online store are: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and Union Pay.

    • Paypal

You can use your own PayPal account to pay for the products on the online store.

    • ATM reference (Only available for Portugal)

You can choose to pay through an ATM reference. This option requires that the payment be made up to a maximum of 3 days after order submission. If it is not made within the 3 days, the order will be automatically canceled, and you will be notified by e-mail. 

    • MBWay (only available for Portugal)

You must have the MB Way application installed on your smartphone. By choosing this form of payment you need to indicate your mobile phone number in order to receive the payment confirmation message, and in order to request for the MB Way Pin code.

All orders imply, respective payment. All bank charges are your responsibility (including fees in case of a refund).

Faces with Stories reserves the right to suspend or cancel any order and/or delivery, regardless of the stage of the order, in case of non-payment or partial payment of any amount, and in case of payment incidences or in case of fraud or attempted fraud related to the use of the Faces with Stories website, including previous orders.

Secure payment transactions

Faces with Stories uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to provide you the most secure experience possible. The technology enables SSL encryption of sensitive information during online store transactions. All forms on our site are secured with SSL technology so that all personal information remains secure. Our partners also use proven encryption techniques and comply with applicable legislation.

To ensure the security of credit card payment on the website, you must send the security code (CVV) that appears on the back of the card used for the purchase order, to Faces with Stories. 

In order to prevent Internet fraud, your order details may be transmitted to third parties authorized by law or designated by Faces with Stories, solely for the purpose of verifying your identity, the legitimacy of the order, the form of payment used and the intended delivery.

After this verification, Faces with Stories reserves the right to request a photocopy of your identification document and/or any information about your identity. You have the right to request access, modification and/or to request that we erase your personal data previously given to Faces with Stories.

Article 5 – Delivery 

a) General rules

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, the products you order will be delivered to the address you indicate as the delivery address of the order in question.

The products will be delivered to you, or to another person, associated with you, duly identified. 

Deliveries will be made only on working days, during working hours. On the shipping day, you will receive an email confirming the order shipment.

During the order process, you, as the buyer, must check the delivery address, costs and delivery period, before confirming the order. The delivery costs vary according to the chosen delivery option and the destination address.

b) Deliveries outside of Portugal

Faces with Stories delivery options and prices are tabulated; During order processing, if you find that the destination country is not tabulated, you will need to contact Faces with Stories via email at customerservice@faceswithstoriescosmetics.com, in order to get information about the delivery conditions. 

When applicable, you will be responsible for paying the customs fees applied to the order, upon its arrival at the destination country. Faces with Stories has no control over the application of these fees and cannot predict their value.

All orders are shipped from Portugal to the indicated address of delivery.

c) Shipping options and delivery period

    • The Standard delivery option is carried out by CTT - Correios de Portugal, which has partnered with companies in the destination countries, in order to guarantee the package delivery.

    • DPD is responsible for Express delivery.

    • Pickup Points are an option for Portugal (mainland and islands), also under DPD responsibility. You should pick up your order within ten days from the day you receive a notification that the order is available for you to pick up. Note, each pickup point has its own operating hours.

In Europe, by choosing one of the Express delivery options, you will have access to the Predict service. Predict is an interactive alert service that allows you to change the date, time and place of delivery. You can later your pickup date, up to 5 working days or even choose a new pickup point; You can access these choices online or by mobile phone. See DPD conditions.

The services and delivery periods presented on this site are the responsibility of the transportation companies and may be subject to change for reasons unrelated to Faces with Stories. 

For, on time, express delivery, your order must be completed by 1 pm (Portuguese time zone) on a working day, including ATM payments. Remember we only deliver on working days.

During sales, promotions, Black Friday and Christmas, the delivery period may be longer than usual.

d) Order not received

After the carrier has carried out all efforts to deliver your order, but due to external reasons cannot deliver it, a second attempt is made; if after the second attempt the order still cannot be delivered, the product will return to Faces with Stories. Faces with Stories will refund you the total value of the order, until thirty days after the date of confirmation of non-delivery; note order shipping charges will not be refunded.

Once you inform Faces with Stories that the order has not been delivered and Faces with Stories has information that proves the contrary, Faces with Stories will investigate the claim. If the investigation reveals that neither Faces with Stories nor the carrier are at fault, you cannot claim a refund nor a new delivery of the ordered goods, unless it is demonstrated that you are not liable.

In case the order does not arrive at the shipping address because the address you have provided is incomplete or incorrect, Faces with Stories cannot be held responsible. All extra costs for incomplete or incorrect address are your responsibility and will be charged to you. You will be informed of the extra cost before they are charged to you.

In case the order does not arrive at the shipping address, for reasons unrelated to you; we will refund the total amount paid for the order, until thirty days after the date of non-delivery confirmation. But if you still want to receive the order, you can always contact us at customerservice@faceswithstoriescosmetics.com.

Article 6 – Returns

    a) change of mind

If you have changed your mind or are not satisfied with the purchase, you may return the product or products within 14 calendar days, counting from the day you received the product(s). 

Please contact us in a written email to customerservice@faceswithstoriescosmetics.com, communicating your intentions, indicating the order number or invoice number and the item you want to return. After this contact you will receive an e-mail from us, telling you how to proceed from here on, as well as the returning form, which you must complete and send back to us. This step is mandatory. In case you try to return products without previously letting us know by writing, the products will not be accepted in return. Take note, you the customer bear the direct cost of the returning products.

Overall, all products purchased, can be returned, if and only if they are in perfect original condition, don’t indicate any sign of use, are complete and in the original packaging. The return of incomplete or damaged products or with signs of use, will not be accepted; in these cases, there will be no refund. 

    b) Issues with products

b.1) At the time of delivery, if the shipping container is damaged, you must check the contents of the package and should submit the complaint to the carrier. Please contact us at customerservice@faceswithstoriescosmetics.com within 72 hours from the moment you receive the order, explaining the occurrence.

b.2) If you find product(s) you did not order or are missing, you should contact us at customerservice@faceswithstoriescosmetics.com within 72 hours from the moment you receive the order, explaining the details. 

When contacting us by email, you should also indicate the order number or invoice number, what item(s) you want to return and the reason why. After this contact you will receive an e-mail from us, telling you how to proceed from here on, as well as, the returning form, which you must complete and send back to us. This step is mandatory.

In order to speed up the process of returning products that are not up to specifications due to external reasons, we request that you send attached to the email, photographs that illustrate the complaint.

Examples of suitable photos: 

    • Picture of the container (if the box shows signs of tampering, showing possible damage during transportation);

    • Picture of transport company label (attached to the container);

    • Picture of the product that may verify the irregularity;

You should return the non-conform products within 14 days counting from the day you received the product(s). Faces with Stories bears the cost of returned products that are not up to specifications due to external reasons.

After the status verification of the returned product, and consequent confirmation of compliance with the returning conditions described above, you have the following options, on return of the amount spent: 

    • Full reimburse using your same method of payment, when possible, usually within 14 days counting from the day we received the returned product(s)

    • Same product exchange, if returned for reasons that are external, as described in b2);

    • Offer of a unique voucher, for selecting product(s) on the Faces with Stories online store, with the same value spent.

Article 7 – Data protection

Faces with Stories commits to protect all your personal information, guaranteeing a high safety level. However, you should also seek to protect your own personal data, by keeping your online transactions secure and not sharing the username and password with anyone, as well as, to regularly change the password. As such, Faces with Stories cannot be responsible for disclosing information about a buyer who buys using someone else’s username and/or password. Accordingly, your username and password constitute proof of your identity and of the conditions of payment, as well as the orders authenticity and its value, and Faces with Stories may, in no case, be held liable for the false use of such information.

The credit card number provided, and the final validation after the purchase, constitutes proof of acceptance of the order. The records stored by Faces with Stories will provide proof of communications, orders and payments between the parties.

Article 8- Intellectual property

The Faces with Stories trademark (registered with INPI number 611386), as well as the set of illustrations, images and logos and all content presented on the Website and Blogs are the exclusive property of Palmeiro Global Lda. or of the transferred intellectual property rights owner. 

It is strictly prohibited, the reproduction, modification or use, total or partial, of any of the above contents, or any other content of the Website, for any reason and by any means, without the express written consent of Palmeiro Global or the owner of the intellectual property rights in question.

Article 9 – Customer Service

For any questions regarding the status of an order and/or the characteristics of the products, please contact Faces with Stories at customerservice@faceswithstoriescosmetics.com.

Article 10 – Internet Use

Faces with Stories will not be responsible for any loss of information or damage that may affect your computer as a consequence of dangerous online practices or using this webpage or downloading content from it or from pages it has links to. You must not make any prohibited use of this website, meaning, intentionally introducing viruses or any other technologically damaging material.

Article 11 – Reserved Rights to update, change and eliminate

Faces with Stories reserves the right to: change and update the website, and to update these Terms and Conditions at any moment. If you choose to purchase on this Website this indicates your agreement to be bound by the new Terms; Therefore, it is your responsibility to consult this page regularly to check the Terms and Conditions. 

If you do not wish to accept the new Terms and Conditions you should stop buying from this Website. 

Faces with Stories reserve the right to modify or withdraw, temporarily or permanently, this Website and the material contained within (or any part), without any previous notice.

Late update: November 2020

Article 12 - Applicable law and jurisdiction

In case you wish to make a claim, you can always contact Faces with Stories by emailing customerservice@faceswithstoriescosmetics.com or using the Livro de Reclamações.

The owner of Faces with Stories brand is Palmeiro Global Lda and all selling of Palmeiro Global products, are subject to Portuguese law, regardless of your country of residence and/or address. Any dispute concerning the existence, interpretation, execution or breach of the agreement made between Palmeiro Global Lda. and you, shall be submitted, in the absence of mutual agreement, to the competent Portuguese courts of the district of Lisbon, more precisely West Lisbon, in accordance with the rules established by the Portuguese Civil Code. 

You will also have an alternative way to resolve a conflict, through the Online Dispute Resolution Platform of the European Commission exclusively for persons who buy or for companies resident or established in one of the countries of the European Union (EU), Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, thus avoiding recourse to courts.



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