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Empezar Algo Bello

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There are times in our lives when we feel that we need to make a change and to try to do something for ourselves, something we truly love, and not necessarily take the “safe path” and stick to the things we know.

This step often requires some courage because it is always an adventure to start from the very beginning, without being able to imagine where the adventure may lead us or what results we may achieve.

The starting point of a new adventure is always easier when shared with our friends and therefore, I am writing to you. I want to share with you the motive for creating BEGIN SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL BRUSH COLLECTION. This collection was inspired on the belief that we are personally responsible and PRIVILEGED to start something beautiful every day!

Whether you choose to do something beautiful for yourself or for others, the outcome will always be positive because you’ve put your heart into it. This collection was designed to remind you to take that step!

Makeup can make you feel more beautiful but pursue your dream and …you’ll really glow! Try our brushes from the Begin Something Beautiful collection and feel inspired to follow your desires.

Investing in good quality brushes is essential to upgrade your makeup game. We have put our hearts in creating each brush you need for your beautiful makeup creations. Our brushes are made from high-quality fibers; they are soft or firm, dense or bouncy where they need to be. These brushes are equipped with sleek silver high-quality ferrules, of durable and corrosion-resistant metal. The wooden handles, engraved with FACES WITH STORIES ® in shiny silver, make them very elegant and glam just like you!

Creativity is your power. Create, enjoy and dare to begin something beautiful... Get to know more about the glam brushes that everybody is talking about. Keep attentive for more information about each one of them, their talents and the stunning makeup you can achieve. Tell us what topics you want to be featured.

Join our story and leave your comment. We dare you to share your creations with us at blog@faceswithstoriescosmetics.com

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