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Momentos Felices

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Is it possible to be happier than you already are? Are you capable of recognizing the happiness that comes from simple things?

The great happy moments
It is normal to hear someone say: 
… “the day my daughter was born, was the happiest day of my life” …
… “the day I got married was one of the happiest days of my life” …
… “I will never forget the time I took my dream trip; they were the happiest days of my life” …
… “I remember the first day that I started working at the company, it was such a happy day” …

These are indeed happy moments, right? They must be!! These are occasions that normally require big personal investment, and an enormous desire for them to take place, these moments are also able to make the people around us happy. They are felt and remembered with a lot of happiness and satisfaction, during our entire lives. 
Is it possible that we raise the bar of happiness so high that we disregard the simple things that make us happy?

Being aware that you’re not feeling sad, is realizing that you are happy.
What is the value of the other moments, the smaller things? Do you recognize these as the source of happiness? 
You have to learn to value the simple things or small moments that bring you happiness, because if you only acknowledge happiness from the special moments, you may be at risk of being happy every day without even being aware of it.
If you are not sad, you are happy! It’s that simple.

Small happy moments
I dare you to make a list of at least 10 moments in which you felt good, calm, at ease,
satisfied, happy and in a good mood... HAPPY!

I will give you some examples:
- putting on makeup and feeling good about yourself;
- spending an evening with friends;
- leaving work and taking a walk before going home;
- having a hobby and dedicating time to it;
- reading a book that takes you into the story and in the end, leaves you wanting more;
- helping someone;
- finding nice people that make you smile; 
- giving someone a compliment and receiving a compliment;
- surprisingly making a new friendship;
- giving or receiving a gift and feeling the affection from this gesture;
- having people around you who are to you a constant and important presence, even if you only speak on the phone or through regular messages.

Aren't these too happy moments? Moments that influence a lot your daily life?
I am certain that you were able to identify more than just the 10 moments I asked you to. I have no doubt that being happier is also a learning experience… learning to look at everyday events with different eyes, recognizing them as truly happy moments.

“A great obstacle to happiness is to expect too much happiness.”
Bernard de Fontenelle

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  • Pa*** ****os

    Pa*** ****os 25/10/2019 Responder

    Obrigada pela resposta. Já li o mais recente texto. Descobri a dita psicologia positiva ao ler os seus textos e tenho vindo a pesquisar mais sobre a matéria. Muito obrigada pela inspiração. Tem aqui uma fã! Boa continuação.
    • Fa*** **** ******* *******cs

      Fa*** **** ******* *******cs 28/10/2019 Responder

      Ficamos contentes que tenhas descoberto a psicologia positiva connosco. Continua a acompanhar-nos pois estamos a preparar mais textos que poderão ser do teu interesse. Obrigada por estares desse lado. Até breve!
  • Pa***

    Pa*** 10/10/2019 Responder

    Adorei este artigo e gostava de ler mais. Há mais artigos?
    • Fa*** **** ******* *******cs

      Fa*** **** ******* *******cs 15/10/2019 Responder

      Olá Paula!
      Nós, na Faces with Stories, agradecemos o teu comentário e ficámos contentes por perceber que gostaste deste texto. Fica atenta pois estamos a preparar mais textos no âmbito da Psicologia Positiva. Continua aí desse lado a ler-nos!
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