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Programar la felicidad

porNeuza da Silva Oliveira 1 Año hace
Schedule happiness, commit yourself to yourself and be happier! It depends on you only.
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Consejos para una rápida rutina de maquillaje diaria

porSonia Palmeiro 2 1 Año hace
Do you feel you would love to put on makeup every morning, but you just don’t have enough time to do it? Guess what?...
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¿Qué barra de labios elijo usar hoy?

1 Año hace
Faces with Stories takes on lipstick as a person’s means of a statement. 
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Todos los colores pueden verse bien en ti

porSonia Palmeiro 1 Año hace
We really loved what Catarina had to say about Makeup. And because we know exactly what she means, we wrote her a...
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Cuento de Navidad

1 Año hace
On Christmas Eve, there it was, my gift underneath the Christmas tree, the gift from me to me; next to a bunch of...
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