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¿Vamos A Subir A La Cima De La Montaña?

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This title is just a metaphor, but imagine that, for you, reaching the top of the mountain is something that you really want to do, it’s something that requires effort and dedication; it's something you want to conquer, it's a goal you want to achieve.

Assess before climbing
Climbing a mountain” means to exceed yourself, but you need to be conscious of your current obstacles and what you aim to achieve; you should find balance between pessimism and optimism for an accurate assessment of what you may achieve and for an accurate definition of the necessary steps you need to take to achieve your goal. If you are too pessimistic, you won't even try; if you are too optimistic, you won’t prepare yourself for the adversities that you may encounter before you reach the top of the mountain, in the end not reaching the goal.

All achievements are important
You should never underestimate or overestimate your achievements when comparing these to other people's. You should value them! For yourself!! Any comparison should always be done internally, focusing your attention on what you have achieved, how much you have improved, what you have accomplished and how you have changed. For someone who has a badly injured leg, an achievement, would be climbing two flights of stairs; for someone who has no physical limitation, achievement might be running a half marathon. In the end, the feeling of victory is the same. Achievements are different from person to person, but we must value them equally.

I failed, what now?
In the end, if you tried to reach the top of the mountain, but did not succeed, and if this goal is still relevant to you; assess the possibility of trying again, because one thing is certain, you have come halfway and you have traced the path along the way. Not all is lost! You can evaluate the positive and negative aspects of the journey and try again with a totally different view from the one you had when you first tried. 
Don't give up on your dreams, don’t give up on climbing the highest mountain.

“It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”
Edmund Hillary

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