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Testimonio De La Vida Real: ¿Maquillaje? ¡Lo Que Es Necesario Es Perfecto!

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I'm not a makeup type of person. Period. Ever since I can remember, I would always avoid it at all costs. Probably because I lacked the skills and, let’s face it, I lacked the patience to acquire those skills. I remember during my teen's attempting to apply blush, lipstick or making up an eyeshadow look, but all in vain. It never worked!

There was a time, more out of social convenience than conviction, I would try to put on makeup on festive days. It was for "a special occasion" and an "opportunity not to always look the same " - I would hear people say. Since my makeup experience never yielded good results (it was more likely I would mess up), I entrusted the task to experts, friends and professionals. The end result usually left me a little frustrated. There I was, with my makeup, but in an unrecognizable version of myself! And I felt so angry with myself, because the problem was me, for sure.

In the past years, with a stronger conviction of what I like and what I dislike, I put this matter aside for good. Why put on makeup "somebody else's style" and hope to feel like me? This had to do with the lack of interest in this matter but also because I genuinely like the natural look, the simplicity of one's own face, exposed, with visible imperfections as visible as the details that we most appreciate about the face.

What does this mean in practice? It means that I found my balance and well-being towards makeup! I use a moisturizing cream every day and I don’t go to sleep without cleansing my face. I use the so-called "BB cream" regularly, a friend when you want to hide that pimple that appeared at the wrong time! And there are even those rare occasions, who knows why I feel like applying eyeliner or mascara. In all cases, I always feel like me. Minimalist, no big scenes. I think that this is key point for anyone to feel good about themselves!

I assume myself to what is necessary. And necessary, as a song of my childhood used to say, is only what is necessary, what is extraordinary is already too much.

Rita Caetano

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