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¿Tienes problemas para asegurarte de que tu base tenga un acabado perfecto? No sigas repitiendo el mismo error.

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If you’ve tried different foundations and repetitively you just don’t get the look you expect, I believe this advice can help you. A big part of getting foundation right has to do with the tools and techniques you use.

So, if you’re not getting foundation looking seamless, it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to change your foundation; instead, it could mean that you need to change your tool and technique.

The right tool

A great tip to apply foundation is to apply it with a brush. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, a brush really makes foundation application faster, easier and flawless. It evenly spreads the makeup on the face versus it collecting more product in certain areas than others.

There are many types of foundation brushes out there. So how to choose the right one? You should choose a brush that does its work perfectly no matter what type of foundation formula. It needs to be medium in size and it should have dense, slightly short and synthetic bristles. A slightly rounded head also has it advantages as it allows you to follow the several natural curves of your face.

Faces with Stories’ foundation brush FWS 812 has synthetic bristles. Synthetic bristles are best at helping blend liquid and cream items on the face, apposed to natural bristles, as they pick-up the product without over absorbing and don't create any type of streaking on the skin.

The FWS 812 bristles are slightly short and are dense, which allows you to work all texture products, such as concealer, foundations, blushes, contours and highlighters, whether these are powder, liquid or cream - including the thicker creams. So it’s also a multi-purpose brush. With this type of brush, you don’t need to invest in several brushes, it’s an all-in-one.

Did you know that Faces with Stories 812 brush is vegan-friendly? That’s right, the FWS 812 brush is vegan, it is 100% cruelty-free!

Another special feature of the FWS 812 is that it is made of high-quality material: the ferrule is made of corrosion-resistant metal and the handle is made of wood versus plastic which results in a sturdy handle, and it’s a durable makeup accessory.

We’ve mentioned the best tool, now let's talk about the technique.

The right technique

For liquid foundation, you can get a sheer or a full coverage application with this type of brush.

Use a buffing motion: which is a soft, small, circular motion, and you will achieve a sheer coverage. This technique is also best for powder and cream foundation.

For a full coverage of your foundation, it is best to use a stippling motion. What is the stippling technique? It is dipping the tip of your brush into a small amount of your foundation and applying it on your skin in a wood-peaker motion. I repeat a small amount at a time. If you keep the foundation on the tip of the brush, it doesn't absorb too much product, and as you stipple (dot) it on the face, you get a natural look from your foundation. It makes your skin look flawless, as it doesn't leave streaks.

I recommend combining this brush with our setting powder for a special holiday season gift. Best of all Gift wrapping service is free!

At Faces with Stories we have many benefits, for you: Worldwide shipping, (see some free shipping options); easy returns; 100% safe payment, and 10% off on your first purchase.

So now you know more about the F812! It's the fullest of all our brushes, as soon as you pick it up, you will feel its weight and its presence. It knows it’s important and it is, in fact, one of our most important brushes.

If you like a well-applied foundation that shows a better version of your skin, it is essential that you understand that the FWS 812 is at your service no matter what.

Share with us your experiences on applying foundation with a brush. We would love to hear your side of the story

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