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¿Intro o extro? ¿Cuál es el mejor color?

Publicado el1 Año hace
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The best color is the one that has more to do with you. This means it’s the one that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin; that fits you like a glove; that doesn't make people look at you twice, simply because everything just comes together.

…. Or maybe…

It´s the one that challenges you, that shows you your other side; that presents you with your crazy side, that likes to take risks or it’s a side of you that marks a position in a subtle way. It´s the one that puts all eyes on you because you are different today and people can notice that.

Being intro or extro is something that may characterize you, but it is not something permanent, something that closes you in a box and that does not allow you to go out of the lines. Take a chance in getting to know the other side in things that you are most curious about and in things that you are most willing to be different about. It is as good to be intro as it is to be extro; and the best thing is that you can be both.

So, for though days when you get to choose how you want to be, we present you our Introvert Pink and our Extrovert Pink colors. They are our lip gloss - BRILLIANT KISS from Faces with Stories. Even though Introvert Pink may seem, when you have it in your hands, that it has a deeper shade, when you apply it you will get a beautiful pink subtle tone on your lips. Extrovert Pink is an open, luminous and dense opaque color that many glosses would love to have.

The conclusion to all of this is.....

The best color is the one you choose. The one you choose today because... tomorrow is another day and you can choose to give color to all your days!

Get to know all the colors of our BRILLIANT KISS at https://faceswithstoriescosmetics.com/en/33-lip-gloss

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