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Testimonio de la vida real: "... el maquillaje puede a veces darnos la fuerza que nos falta..."

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Let’s see, where to start... I'm a 33-year-old woman but just a girl when it comes to makeup, and for this reason, usually on an everyday basis, I don’t even wear it.

I'm afro descendent which grants me an amazing skin tone, but too dark for certain types of products. 

I appreciate and find it very beautiful to see someone with makeup well done. I find that if you use makeup to disguise certain aspects that you don't like, it can sometimes give you the courage that you lack, and help you feel more confident.

At times, when I find someone who has done their makeup beautifully and I try to imitate it on me, I am faced with a problem: I look like a Christmas tree. I become frustrated and land up putting on a simple Foundation (with sunscreen and according to my skin tone), mascara and black eyeliner.

Eyeshadows, lipsticks and other products I avoid because, for example, a pink that I saw that looked outstanding and beautiful on someone else, lands up looking purple on my skin, which frankly looks ridiculous!

I appreciate this opportunity to share my story.

Catarina Silva

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