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Pequeños testimonios de maquillaje

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We asked some people to share their thoughts on makeup and this is what they have to say:


If I think about it, I find I wear makeup on two occasions: weddings and going out at night. As these occasions rarely happen, my makeup bag has been the same for yearssss!

But I can't go without my mascara …it makes me look prettier and polished!

Susana Pedro, 34 years old

During a very long period, makeup was not part of my daily routine. However, after being a mom and after that initial phase of taking little care of myself, walking with my hair tied up…I decided to take care of me so as to feel good about myself.

A good diet, a healthy lifestyle and some daily skincare helped because I had gone through a very heavy acne phase during my pregnancy.

Every day I moisturize my skin, put on primer, foundation, a little bit of blush, highlighter and mascara, and I'm ready to start my day!

Zoe Bavavea

I think red lipstick suits everyone, at all hours of the day, for any occasion, in winter or summer.

It’s a certainty that red lipstick can make your day shine and your night fun.

With red lipstick, you feel more feminine and yet STRONG, beautiful and smart; smart enough to make that choice: the red lipstick!

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