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Work is not leisure, but it doesn´t have to be a burden. To like what you do and with whom you do it is essential for you to be happy and for your well being. At Faces with Stories we believe that when we feel good and happy, we work better. Don't you agree?

Between different professionals who complete and support us, today we will introduce you to 4 of our team members. Each one with different attributes, characteristics, skills and personalities, which makes this team rich in each experience.

We’ve decided that the best way to introduce the team members was to let them describe themselves very briefly and let the other members complete the story. This is what we got!


Brief introduction: Administrative Assistant and Multitasker - 27 years old - Mother of fluffy bunny

Working at FWS is: "New challenges daily".

Faces with Stories team thinks she likes...

- A good challenge;

-The Asian continent and almost everything that comes from there;

- Traveling, sleeping, fluffy and warm sweaters, her bunny and playing computer games;

 - The well being of others.

Characteristics that stand out are: diligent, calm, friendly, practical, honest and very trustworthy. 


Brief introduction: Psychologist and Swiss knife - 34 years old – Simon’s mother

Working at FWS : "I love traveling, and being part of the FWS team has been one of those very enriching journeys, I have learned a lot and with pleasure."

Faces with Stories team thinks she likes...

- Things well done;

- Online shopping;

- Challenges;

- Empowering/helping other people.

 Characteristics that stand out are: responsible, meticulous, positive, assertive, intelligent, talented in presentations, good counselor, does not turn his back on challenges or difficulties, facing them with determination.


Brief introduction: Creative Director - Editor - Social worker - Makeup artist - Lover of makeup and her family - Loves a good laugh and making others laugh - Very fond of receiving and giving a good simple and clear explanation, no matter the level of knowledge of those seeking it.

Working at FWS is: "Home, where I can be me: creative, enthusiastic, grateful and challenged."

Faces with Stories team thinks she likes...

- A lot of make-up;

- Bright colors; 

- Drinking coffee from a teacup;

- To see others happy;

- Insists on saying what is good and what is positive about others.

Characteristics that stand out are: A sweetheart, very friendly, sincere, full of light, loves a good atmosphere between colleagues.


Brief introduction: Manager - 48 years old - proud father and husband

Working at Faces With Stories is: "Never ending story...."

Faces with Stories team thinks he likes...

- Thinking "outside the box";

- Constant challenges;

- Effective and efficient answers in record time.

Characteristics that stand out are: practical, very organized, excellent time manager, generous.


We wanted you to get to know us, to know briefly who is behind the computer writing a text, preparing your order, working on an image, communicating with you on social networks, developing the best products with characteristics you are looking for, preparing a campaign. We work as a team, every day, for you. This is us, a small part of the Faces with Stories team!

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