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Cuento de Navidad

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The hustle and bustle of Christmas sometimes takes away a little of its magic; at least that's what I think. Usually, I buy the children gifts and only for them; the adults are already all informed and have accepted the idea, after all, Christmas is for the children. They've accepted and are grateful on behalf of the family’s budget.

Deep down, looking back, I found that gifts were a lot more fun when I was little than they are now. It was not that I was a tiny consumer who only wanted gifts, gifts, gifts; but because there was always that toy(s) that I so badly wanted and it was with enthusiasm that I waited until midnight to open everything. I often felt the love and affection of my family in the gifts they gave me because even if I did not get everything I wanted, I did always like everything I got. Christmas is full of magic that you live and feel, it's a magic called LOVE.

I’ve told you how the people close to me and I, have agreed that the gifts are for the kids, right? Well, one year, with the exception of the children, I decided to buy a gift for someone else, a gift for me. A real gift; wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree. It is obvious that only I knew what was inside and that the gift was for me, but being that time of year, when I no longer received gifts in abundance, I thought it was the ideal time to give myself something that I liked, so I chose not to forget myself and to encourage all other adults to do the same.

After much thinking and choosing, I decided to buy cosmetic products... makeup! Because I like it and I don't buy as much as I would like, because it is never a priority. I bought a green-colored mascara; a red lipstick that I wouldn't normally use, but which I fell in love with as soon as I put my eyes on it; and a red lip liner pencil so that my lips would be perfectly drawn. To take a chance was the whole point!

On Christmas Eve, there it was, my gift underneath the Christmas tree, the gift from me to me; next to a bunch of other gifts wrapped in children's design.

When it was time for distributing the gifts, the Santa Claus on duty that the night, looked at it and read - from me to me - and raised his eyes with a rather confusing expression. I raised my hand, with a smile on my face, to identify myself. All the eyes in the room turned to me with a mixture of curiosity and enjoyment. I opened the wrapping and showed what I had received, in addition to what I had in my hands, I received a bunch of smiles.

On the morning of Christmas Day, I put on my makeup with what I had given myself and I LOVED it! My eyelashes were so voluminous and colorful, the colorful mascara was a winning bet, the color was present without shocking, making the look more fun. Then it was time for the lips... Wow! How could it be that I had never thought of buying a red lipstick? The lip liner was a must to make my lips perfect. It may not have been the perfect makeup, as I don't recall doing something like that in years, but I loved the result. That feeling was the most important!

When the family got together again for Christmas lunch, this caused an impact on every single person, I really felt it. The admired looks they gave me, the smiles of approval, the compliments I received. I felt good because I received LOVE through all those positive reactions! I couldn't help but feel happy that I had chosen ME that Christmas!

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