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Consejos para una rápida rutina de maquillaje diaria

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Do you feel you would love to put on makeup every morning, but you just don’t have enough time to do it?

Guess what? I believe you can put on makeup every day because it will only take you 10 minutes!

I know that many people choose not to wear makeup every day because there is simply no time! It is very difficult to add that extra task every day because we are all so busy and, in a rush, from the second we leave our beds. So, I’ve decided to write you some tips on how to manage to incorporate a makeup routine that will only take you 10 minutes to do in your morning routine.

To make putting on makeup a faster task, try out these steps and tips:

Tip one – Face makeup First

The first tip to put on makeup quickly is to start out with the face makeup. Yes, this may sound too simple and it may sound that changing the order may not change the time you need to get the job done, but trust me, it works. If you start with the eyeshadow makeup, you may get carried away and apply several colors and get pretty creative and perfect. It’s hard to stop and soon you’ve wasted most of the time creating your eye makeup. You will never believe that putting on makeup can be quick because time has run out before you could get to the next step.

People whose favorite part of makeup is the eyeshadow application, usually will dedicate time to it. So, this is usually the part of putting on makeup that takes more time. Therefore, a good tip is to leave this task for last, so when time is running out, you are left with only one option – a simple and quick eyeshadow look.

Start off with the face makeup and leave the eyes for last.

Tip two – Use a Concealer or a Powder foundation

For quick and easy face makeup, I leave you 2 options; both make putting on makeup quicker. Option one: On the face, use concealer only; forget about foundation. For those who have never tried this, you will be pleasantly surprised. Just apply a thin layer of concealer. Use more concealer on the areas that need a little more.

Option two: If you do choose to put on a foundation, for the fastest application, I recommend using a powder foundation. You just powder it on your face with a brush and that is it. It is the quickest way of putting on a foundation.

Tip three – Bronze

Use a bronzer to contour/ bronze the face. Now that you’ve put on concealer or foundation you need to give some shape back to the face. Choose a lighter bronzer, just a tone darker than your skin because when you’re in a rush there is no time for perfecting and so it is safer to work with a light bronzer than a darker one; this way avoiding any chance of it looking a little muddy. Use easy colors when you are in a hurry. Leave more complex contouring and highlighting for when you have more time.

Tip four – Few tools

For a quick makeup routine, the fewer tools you use, the faster it is to get the makeup done. Use the same brush to do different face makeup application. If you choose to apply foundation in your routine have a good foundation brush that is the right size for your face, not too big and not too small. Use it to apply your foundation and use it to apply your bronzer. Select tools and makeup the previous day, don’t have many options in front of you or it will make the makeup routine take longer.

Tip five – Lip gloss is faster

Choose a lipstick closest to your natural lip color! Use this same lipstick on your cheeks too as a blusher. This way you have a perfect color combination between the two features, and this color will not clash no matter what clothes, eyeshadow look, etc. Time saved! There are so many great products that are simultaneously a blush and a lipstick all-in-one, so look for the one that matches your natural lip color.

If for you putting on lipstick is time-consuming, try putting on a tinted balm or a lip gloss. Lip gloss is so much easier to put on than lipstick. It adds some color and shine to your lips and no need for consuming time on techniques.

Tip six – Simple strokes for eyebrows

Fill in the brows with a crayon that has a spoolie on one end, a 2-in-one tool. Color with one end and brush with the other. A good brow makes all the difference; it frames your face and you achieve a polished look, so I don’t recommend you leave this step out. Keep it simple, just add small strokes.

Tip seven – Basic eye makeup

Now you have very little time left, so eyeshadow makeup needs to be kept simple. Use the same bronzer you applied on the face in the crease area of your eyes. You can also deepen the outer v area, building on more bronzer on this part of the eye with a brush. Now apply a shimmer eyeshadow on the mobile lid with your finger. A two-colored eyeshadow look where one shade is a shimmer, can look glam and seem like you put a lot of work into it and yet it is so simple and quick. Add a tight upper eyeliner and finish with some mascara.

And there you are, your makeup has enhanced your natural beauty! You are ready to face the world with a wide-awake and confident look.

In the end, you should adapt these tips to you, for example, if highlighter is important to you and it’s your preferred look or your skin needs that glow, put in highlight instead of blush because maybe your bronzer is enough. Sometimes just putting on mascara is enough for your eye makeup. Don't have time for eyeshadow? That's okay! Smudge on eyeliner, it looks great too! If your skin is quite perfect, use a BB ou CC cream and skip the concealer and foundation. So, think about these tips that may help you, use them as an example to adapt and create a simple routine for you. Trust me it’s more fun that way and you’ll feel proud of yourself.

Do the exact same makeup application for several days; put on the makeup in the same order, this way you turn makeup application into a fast and automatic routine. Soon it will become a natural habit and part of your routine. Stick to working on one area of your face at a time, instead of bouncing around. When you are in a hurry, leave the bolder colors for when you’re not rushing and go with easier colors. It’s more assured you don’t need to spend time blending, nor time correcting.

Whenever you test a new product or decide to create a different look, pick a moment when you have plenty of time.

Leave things (tools and products) prepared the night before in the same place and order every time.

A New Year is on its way and if this is something you have been putting off for quite a while, even though it is something you really want to do, do this now, start a New You with the New Year! Remember makeup is fun, so enjoy it!

Let us know what tips work for you. Share with us what helps you put on makeup quicker. We would love to hear your secret powers.

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    Ne****** ****** ****st 15/09/2020 Responder

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    my******** 17/04/2020 Responder

    After reading your blogs I'm very much confident about doing makeup himself at home.
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