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Programar la felicidad

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New Year, New Agenda

In just a few days, this year will come to its ends and a new year is all set to begin. At this point, you start to say goodbye to your old Agenda, and if you haven't found the one that will accompany you in 2020, I'm sure you're looking for it. Don't you just feel enthusiastic about the 366 possibilities that the new Agenda presents you? All those blank sheets of paper, you have to fill-in?

Agendas are good for anything and everything

We rely on Agendas to note down many different things: professional meetings; medical appointments and examinations; important dates such as birthdays; deadlines for monthly payments; deadlines for handing-in important documents; etc. At any time of the year, with an open agenda, you can get an idea of what is scheduled for the coming dates, just as you can get an idea of everything that happened; with the option of adding notes after the event to help you to refresh your memory when it is important.

Happiness is scheduled for the day.....

I leave you a very practical exercise on how to be happier: schedule happiness in your Agenda! Is this strange? Not really. Just think of things that make you laugh, that make you feel good... that makes you happier, and schedule these. There is no minimum nor maximum, but I do suggest that you do it little by little, with one activity a week and, if you manage to do it for 4 weeks in a row, schedule two a week; and so on!

How to choose what events to schedule?

Don't be too demanding, I invite you to read the text Happy Moments and don’t complicate, lower the level of demand when it comes to happiness. Often being happy can mean going to the beach after a day's work to see the sea; visiting a monument that you really want to get to know but that you've never visited; waking up 20 minutes earlier and leaving home with a perfect makeup that will arise many compliments; planning a dinner date with friends in the middle of the week, to break the routine; calling a friend with whom you haven't spoken in a while; visiting a relative who is dear to you; ... You better than anyone knows what makes you happy.

And what if I fail?

Calm down! If you miss a schedule in a certain week, you always have the following week. Don't penalize yourself for not having succeeded, but don't disregard your happiness. Reduce the number of appointments, if there are already many. If you're still starting, bet on something simple, just to start getting the hang of it and experiencing the "taste" of happiness.

Schedule happiness, commit yourself to yourself and be happier! It depends on you only.


"Every person on this earth is full of great possibilities that can be realized through imagination, effort, & perseverance."

Scott Barry Kaufman

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