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Testimonio de la vida real: "...el uso de maquillaje siempre me ha traído emociones positivas y recuerdos felices."

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fter revising and analyzing, for the millionth time, what contents we wanted for the blog, so that we would be certain that we had what we wanted and that the contents were all congruent in categories and titles, everything so as to meet up to your expectations the best way possible; I realized that I hadn’t even thought of the possibility of writing my own testimony about makeup. What a slip-up! I had to tell my story, right?


My interest in makeup started when I was around 4 - 5 years old. Truly! I remember so clearly, my mother having a small bag with a few of her makeup belongings; which were eyeshadows, lipsticks, mascaras and a black eyeliner. There was a bright pink lipstick in that bag that fascinated me; every time my mom put on that lipstick, I would ask her to give me a kiss, those fast, light kisses on the lips, my aim was for her lipstick to transfer on to my lips, and right after I would rub my lips together so as to spread the lipstick that I had stolen from my mom.


During my teens, my interest in makeup intensified and once again I raided my mom’s bag; let’s just say, that before leaving home, the thing about makeup bags was: my bag and my mom’s bag and mine. I trained a lot in front of the mirror, the black eyeliner, the lipstick, and especially the eyeshadows. I trained a lot that I became my friends’ (who would complain that they had no talent for it) official makeup artist, I confess I loved putting makeup on them.


Did you know that age is a good bet? As the years went by, I became more selective, paying more attention to the quality of the products, I prefer to have less but good products than to have more and bad products. I appreciate a good foundation, a good mascara that gives me huge eyes, a moisturizing lipstick with a color to die for, eyeshadows easy to work with and pigmented and that combine between themselves. But most importantly, I can’t go without my green color corrector, because when I seriously put on makeup, and I don’t use the corrector, all I see is rosacea.


Makeup really became part of my life when I came to Faces with Stories. When I was invited to be part of the team, not for my knowledge on makeup, but I confess I felt at ease to get to know more, to learn more and to be an artist… and I am loving diving deeply in this world full of color and possibilities.


Independently of which phase of my life I have mentioned, I am conscious that using makeup has always bought me positive feelings and happy memories, when I stole the lipstick from my mother’s lips I though already then that it made me feel more beautiful, it didn’t matter if I did look prettier, what mattered was how I felt.


The most important is always, how we feel; we should always do things first for ourselves; the primary sneaking for wellbeing should be for ourselves. Sometimes it is difficult, I confess, that even I sometimes forget; but it makes a huge difference when we feel better about ourselves and happier…it transmits to others, don’t you think?

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  • my********

    my******** 17/04/2020 Responder

    After reading your blogs I'm very much confident about doing makeup himself at home.
  • pe***

    pe*** 30/03/2020 Responder

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