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¡Es amor a primera vista!

Publicado el1 Año hace
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It is unlikely that Valentine’s Day goes by without affecting everybody.

You might be one of those people who like to celebrate Valentine's Day with everything you're entitled to, gifts, romantic dinner and love messages. Or you're one of those people who run away from the whole commercial side of it all, but doesn't let this day go by, without providing a special moment for that special someone.

And in case, you still haven’t found that someone to share this day with, you can always enjoy it as a reminder to fall more in love with yourself, because self-love is the most important thing. If you don't love yourself, who will?!

At Faces with Stories we always like to celebrate love, in all its forms and manifestations, it was recently the main character in one of our texts "What do you mean, love doesn't exist?

So, for Valentine's Day, we've prepared two sets that are in everything related to, a passionate kiss. These are the Passion Red and the Creative Red Sets. The Passion Red Set comes with a Kiss me Liner, in the shade Drive Me Red and an Everlasting Kiss (matte liquid lipstick) in the shade Passion Red. And for those who simply won’t trade a traditional lipstick for anything, we’ve composed The Creative Red Set: with the same Drive me Red liner and a lipstick in the shade Creative Red. These products guarantee you a strong, sexy, slick and irresistible look. Your red lips will be a temptation!

And speaking of Love...

At Faces with Stories we are completely in love with our new mascara, Live Your Best Lash. It’s the ideal mascara for everyday use. LIVE YOUR BEST LASH has a nourishing formula that contains argan and castor oil. These oils give your lashes a healthy shine and increase their strength with each use; making your lashes less breakable.

You know, we're so in love that we couldn't resist giving you the mascara, Live Your Best Lash, as a gift when choosing one of the sets we created for this Valentine's Day.

Good things are meant to be shared, aren't they? It's love at first sight!

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