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¿Sigue teniendo sentido el Día Internacional de la Mujer?

Publicado el1 Año hace
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The commemoration of International Women's Day is justified for all that has been accomplished and even more so, for what still remains to be conquered.

Let us celebrate because at the present, there are women who wear trousers when they feel like it, who go to work every day, who drive a car, who have their own house and who live alone. There are women who have a degree, a master's, a Ph.D.; as well as, women who run companies and countries. Having family and children is a choice and not an obligation.

But we battle because today there are still women who do not have access to education, to work, to vote, to give their opinion, to make a decision, self-sufficiency, independence, equality, ... To freedom!

On this International Women's Day, let us pay tribute to all Women and paint our lips with a strong and bright lipstick shade; a color that gives prominence to a woman's speech and that highlights a choice, a personality and a style.

Let us celebrate what it means to be a Woman, with the conscious that there is still much to be conquered when it comes to being born a Woman. 

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