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Testimonio de la vida real: "El maquillaje para mí no es una máscara donde escondo mis imperfecciones e inseguridades. "

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Makeup for me is not a mask where I hide my imperfections and insecurities. On the contrary, makeup is my favorite accessory when I'm getting ready to go out.

More than my outfit, my purse or the jewelry that I choose to wear, makeup helps me express my identity in the most personal and liberating way!

In addition to nourishing my creativity, makeup makes me feel powerful, and ables me to face any problem that may arise during the day!

It doesn't hide parts of me, nor does it make me appear who I am not, but it lifts my personality and builds my self-esteem!

And best of all, there is no right or wrong when we talk about makeup, all techniques are valid and all the looks unique.


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