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Mirror Mine, Mirror Mine ¿Qué Versión Reflexiva De Mi Ser?

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Questions and more questions...
Why is it so hard for people to face a mirror? When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? When you look in the mirror, do you accept what you see? How many times have you seen someone looking at their reflection and saying negative things about their appearance? And how many times have you seen someone look at their reflection and say positive things about how they look? How many times were you one of those people? And what do you see when you look in the mirror?
If you look in the mirror with fear because you know that as soon as you put your eyes in the mirror and see yourself, you will see only what you don't like about yourself: the long nose, the thin lips, the straight hair, the round face, the short neck, the small chest, the hairy arms, the pear-shaped body, the thick ankles, the big feet... anything else? That's got to stop!

To like and accept what you see in the mirror are two different things.
Okay, I'll accept that you have your beauty standards and that, in fact, you think it's more beautiful to have thicker lips than the ones you have, because in your opinion they're thin and barely visible. I started the previous sentence with “I'll accept ”, did you notice? And have you accepted that your lips are like that? Or are you still sorry that your lips are like that? You may have your beauty standards, knowing what you like is a positive thing; but you are not just thin lips or a long nose, you are you as a whole. To accept yourself as you are is to learn to deal with what you have and to see the beauty in yourself. Thin lips with a lip gloss look bigger. A long nose, on a face with well-crafted contour goes immediately unnoticed. Acceptance is the essential step in learning to live with the characteristics you have.

Look at yourself in the mirror
I'll leave you a task. Look in the mirror, take your time. Don't look away. I know it's not easy, but you can do it. Look at yourself, observe yourself, assimilate and face yourself; pay attention to the details. Look for strengths, things that you like about yourself and that you can take advantage of to feel good about yourself, to feel more confident. Also, look for what you don't like and take a good look at yourself, look a lot, until this seems natural and it feels that it’s a part of you. You may still not like it, but if you accept it you will be much happier!

You're more than what you see in the mirror
You are what you see and you are what you do not see with the naked eye, you are your body but you are also your words and actions You are someone with all the physical characteristics that you can see, but you are also someone with beliefs, tastes, desires and thoughts. You are much more than what you see in the mirror!

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