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How to clean liquid and cream makeup from your brushes effectively and hassle-free!

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The beginning

Hi, I would like to share with you, my experience on cleaning my makeup brushes and all that paraphernalia related around this task!

I remember, when I started exploring the world of makeup, the various experiences and attempts I made in searching for the best (the most effective and fastest) way to clean my brushes.

My first idea was to use micellar water because I figured that, if it was good at removing makeup from the face, it would also be good at removing makeup from the bristles. I recall using this method for several months. I also remember the crazy and exaggerated amount of micellar water I wasted to get the job done.

I came to the conclusion that this method, although great for cleaning powder makeup, was not the most effective way to clean cream or liquid makeup from the brushes. It took so much longer and needed so much more product, then washing out the powder makeup, and in many cases, I couldn’t remove all of the oiliness from the bristles.

For the most difficult-to-clean makeup, such as waterproof makeup, foundation, concealer, all other cream products such as blusher, bronzer, lipstick, eyeliner gel, etc. I continued looking for a more effective method. I tried everything: from baby shampoo, neutral shampoo, mild shampoo, to dish detergent. But the result was always the same: it took me far too long to do this task and to get good results.

Almost there

Then, by chance, on a trip I took, I found a better way to clean the most difficult dirt: I only had with me, at the time, the bar of soap from the hotel. And that was what I used and so I discovered that this method was much better than any gel, shampoo, oil, etc. I had tried.

A solid and neutral soap was for a long time, a good way to wash the liquid and cream makeup from the brushes. But I didn't stop there; I needed a method that, would do more than just cleaning, it had to disinfect the bristles too.

We cannot forget that brushes accumulate bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells, which will clog your pores and cause breakouts.

For all this, it was imperative and essential that FACES WITH STORIES had an effective, safe and hassle-free product. And we didn't stop until we launched Brush Clean& Care.

 Finally, The solution

 Brush Clean & Care is an excellent product because it is surprisingly quick at removing any type of makeup.

You just need to dip the brush into a small amount of product, and it will immediately separate the dirt from the brush. Then you use a towel to squeeze out and gently remove the moisture. These are the only simple steps you need to follow to wash your brushes like a professional.

 In addition to cleaning the brush, Brush Clean& Care also disinfects it and all this without ever damaging the bristles.

It is very simple and quick to use: the brush is clean, disinfected, dry and ready to use in just a few seconds! You don't need to rub and scrub, and risk damaging the bristles, you only have to squeeze and rinse the brush. You get the job done the first time around.

Another amazing advantage about this product is that it can be used on fabric; have you thought on how you can remove foundation that accidentally got on your beautiful dress or your favorite outfit and you have no time to change? Brush Clean &Care can save the situation!

We invite you to see what the Marta Cruz, YouTuber and makeup lover has to show you about this product at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRFWlLSds_k.

 How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

Ideally, your makeup brushes should be cleaned every time you use them, but that may be a real challenge for most of us. Once or twice a week is probably acceptable for brushes used on powder makeup, such as blushes and bronzers. But brushes used for liquid or cream makeup (like foundations, concealers, lipsticks and eyeshadows) should be cleaned daily as they are more prone to gather bacteria that can potentially cause infections. No need to mention, leaving your brushes in bad form means they will not perform as well as they would if clean.

Look after your brushes and they will last a lifetime! For people who have a tight schedule, who own many brushes, we recommend this product; the fastest and most effective way to clean waterproof, cream, liquid and powder makeup from your brushes.

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  • Cl****** *****es

    Cl****** *****es 02/06/2020 Responder

    Experimentei e adorei
    • Fa*** **** ******* *******cs

      Fa*** **** ******* *******cs 08/06/2020 Responder

      Olá Cláudia,
      É com muita satisfação que recebemos opiniões positivas sobre os nossos produtos; nós acreditamos neles, mas queremos que eles façam a diferença a quem os adquire. De certeza que a limpeza dos teu pincéis tornou-se um tarefa muito menos difícil.

      Um beijinho da equipa da Faces with Stories e até breve.
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