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Nuestra Cabeza Es Como Una Caja De Cajones

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The important thing is to start

In our busy lives, sometimes there are so many things to get done that you don't even know where to start; it's as if everything you have to do, blocks you and you can't act. You’re constantly postponing; and this has a name: procrastinating. But you need to start, because everything you need doing, does not get done by itself.


The dresser

I use this example a lot in a clinical context, to talk about disorders, problems or situations/tasks to solve and to unravel. We have a dresser full of drawers and all of them are open and messy. This scenario is, therefore, a reason to generate demotivation for you to start; and consequently not know how to prioritize.
If in fact, it is just the dresser you have at home, that is chaotic; start with a small drawer, it will be easier for you to start and for you to finish, because you can't put much in there and this will be faster for you to finish the task. Satisfaction is what you will feel for having started and having finished a task; and consequently a greater motivation to continue. Keep at it, drawer by drawer; often you have to rearrange an already closed drawer to add something that was in a wrong drawer. That's just the way it is. That is also the way life is, we reopen drawers that we thought were tidy and closed, to reorganize them.


When the dresser is life

Well, sometimes we're just like that dresser in a complete mess. There are so many tasks to do and situations to solve: pay, buy, cancel, make a complaint, sign up, .... Where to start?
You need to pay attention to the following factors:
- date - sometimes these situations have a deadline for them to be done or solved;
- importance - no doubt, some situations are more important than others;
- apprehension - without knowing exactly why it just doesn't leave your head, so, if that's the case, solve it, sort it out and get it over with.
And if you need to, write it down, organize your tasks by writing things down in your agenda, in a notebook, on a sheet of paper, make a list of things to do. Losing track of things will give you a feeling of incapability to solve and control the situation; but you are capable.


The before, the during and the after

A dresser, or a disorganized lifestyle, generates anxiety; and you will notice that, as soon as you get your hands around it, you will feel the anxiety dissipate. This positive feeling, that you begin to feel little by little, will be your engine to continue.
During the process of organizing your life, you may have ups and downs, because it is something you were not familiar with, because it did not go as well as you expected, anyway... Hold on to the feeling of satisfaction that you get when you make an achievement, and understand this - only you can multiply it.
Because a more organized life always brings more tranquility and happiness. We want you to be happy!

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