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Maquillaje Facial, ¿Por Qué Complicarse?

Publicado el1 Año hace
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The Unique Face Palette is a 3 in 1

When being practical and quick is essential in your everyday life, having a face palette that gathers everything you need, for three different steps in your makeup routine, it’s like icing on the cake. When you open the Unique Face palette you will find: two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. While you have these three different products at hand, you don’t need anything else.

The importance of a blush

Foundations and correctors are great to even out the skin, especially when it comes to blemishes and irregularities in the tone of the skin, but the truth is that when you finish applying them, you see clearly that something is missing. If you want to look healthy, blush is indispensable, for it gives that harmonious tone to your cheeks.
A blusher comes in different finishes, such as, powder, cream, liquid or gel. In the Unique Face palette you will find powder blushes in two different shades: Cheerful and Glee; the first is totally matt and the second is matt with a very subtle shimmer.

How do you apply the blush?

The easiest way is just to make a wide smile. Where your cheekbones are most evident, is where you will begin to apply the blush, making a path to the temples.

A bronzer is our sun all year round, but that’s not all

Applying bronzer is a great way to add an attractive, natural-looking glow to your face, especially on those days when your skin appears a little dull.
The bronzer also appears in a powder finish in our palette, although you can find it in other textures. It comes in the shade Sunny, and you can build it up to whatever intensity you want it.

How to apply a bronzer

A simple way to apply bronzer to think of that sun-kissed color your skin gets when you’ve recently been out in the sun and try to imitate it by just creating a horizontal band on the face from one cheek to the other, passing through the nose and temples. This technique is called sun stripping.
Your bronzer can also be applied by making the shape of a “3” from the top to the bottom of your face on both sides, starting with your forehead. In fact, what you are doing is lightly sweeping the bronzer with your brush along the outer sides of your upper forehead and along your hairline, passing a little below your cheekbones, and finishing on your jawline.
Add some bronzer to your neck so you match the color of you face to your neck.
Whatever technique you use, always apply a thin and light amount of bronzer and slowly add a little by little if needed.

The great moment of the highlighter

The fun moment in makeup is the highlighter. It's not essential because you can go without wearing it; but when you use it, it shows and makes a difference!
It makes a perfect match with the contouring technique; but it is also used with the intention of replacing the contouring technique and, betting only on illuminating the high points of the face, this is called strobing. The reason to use a highlighter is simply to add that extra sparkle and glow to your look.
Our powder highlighter in the Unique Face palette is called Bright and it comes with a soft golden hue that will bring to your face a little of your light.

So, if you're looking for a simple, ready to go, easy to use palette that gets successful results, then this palette is for you . Unique Face palette has all you need in one palette : bronzer, blushes and a highlighter. Nothing complicated, nothing over the top, simply all there, ready to use, with complementary colors to enhance your true beauty!

Don't forget to visit our store and get to know the Unique Face Palette even better. Here are some features that we value about this palette:

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