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Consejos Para Buscar La Autoestima Con El Positivismo

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What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is the person's assessment of himself or herself, which can be a positive or a negative assessment based on the person’s different characteristics. Self-image, self-confidence and self-acceptance influence a person's self-esteem a lot.

Is it possible to look at my self-esteem with other eyes?

Of course it is! Improving your self-esteem is an ongoing process that one feeds on previous success and positive experiences. But it's hard work. If it weren't, it wouldn't be any fun.

First of all...
It is essential that you accept yourself as you are, inside and out. You know yourself better than anyone else so you know exactly who you are; take off your self-criticism glasses and replace them with those of self-acceptance... you'll really start seeing yourself with other eyes.

Celebrate the happy events and your achievements, creating an increasingly positive image of yourself. Celebrating the good things is valuing and believing in your ability to achieve realistic goals.

As important as...
To celebrate victories is to know how to accept failure with balance and with a realistic vision; so try to free yourself from guilt when something does not go so well for you. And then, you can always start again, with your eyes set on the goal and with more confidence on the path you need to take, being able to make other mistakes, but not the same ones; because you have learned from these.

Live the present...
For only then can you live life to the fullest. When you live with a continuous concern for the future you are not living today; and living for today contributes to a more realistic vision of who you are.

When working your acceptance is directly linked to working your acceptance of others.

You have behavior patterns and if you are too demanding with yourself you will also be with others; or if you are too demanding with other people you will also be with yourself. You should deal with other people's mistakes, with the same attitude as you deal with yours, and vice versa. The vice versa here is continuous.
Developing a compassionate approach at attitudes, in general, will make compassionate something that is always present, on the outside and inside, with other people and with yourself.

We've previously spoken about self-esteem, and focused on self-image, in the blog post "Mirror, Mirror Mine What Version of Me do you reflect? Don't miss it, go check it out or reread it!

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