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He Descubierto Que Lo Que Más Me Gusta Es Dar Color Y Luz A Otras Caras.

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Makeup came to me through dance. I was fascinated by the makeup artists' work as they prepared the entire group for the larger shows, and I loved doing my makeup for the other shows. Color and sparkle were always welcome!

In 2011, I sign up for my first professional training and it was there that I discovered that what I love most is giving color and light to other faces. To observe, to get to know the personality, and to realize how I can contribute to making each client feel stunning on that unique day.

I also love doing more creative work, as I learn a lot from each one of them.

When it comes to me, I admit that I wear little or no makeup on a daily basis. I have always kept it for special occasions, and I can incline towards something simple as well as something more sophisticated, and with emphasis on different points of the face.

My favorite makeup is always the one that complements the other elements perfectly.

With makeup, the possibilities are endless and there is always much more to learn. This is, for me, the most captivating!

Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful space to share a little part of my Story :)

Solange Soares

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  • Sa**

    Sa** 09/07/2020 Responder

    Para mim essa paixão reflete-se no trabalho maravilhoso que fazes. De facto dás uma luz inexplicável a quem maquilhas :)
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