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"El verdadero viaje de descubrimiento no consiste en buscar nuevos paisajes, sino en tener nuevos ojos". Marcel Proust

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For many people, traveling is something that makes them feel accomplished and happy. When we travel, the journey begins even before the actual trip. The dream of executing it, the plans to make it happen, the expectations that we create, the enthusiasm to see it begin. To travel is to get to know other places, but it is also a way to get to know ourselves and to be happier.

Broaden your horizons

When you travel you see new places, get to know new people, new tastes and new customs. You get to know a whole different way of living; that makes all sense to those who live it, even though it is different from your way. It allows you to live a little bit of that life that is different from yours in certain aspects. So broaden your horizons and step out of your comfort zone. The value of traveling is not in what you buy and what you carry in your bag with you, it is in how you live it and in what you hold in your memory.

The real value of what you have

Sometimes it is very easy to criticize what you have when you do not know another reality. When you travel you have a real term of comparison. And the truth is that all places, countries and cultures are different; better in certain aspects, but also needing improvements in other aspects. Take the opportunity to look at your home town, your country, your culture and your home in another way; accepting what needs improvement but recognizing all of its good things. Be happy to go, learning that you have every reason to be happy to come back.

The return with the desire for more

"What's good ends quickly" and often you're still putting your keys in the door and thinking about how good it is to be home, but wanting to get to know more and to have more enriching and happy experiences. Dream about these trips and create realistic goals for them to come true; one trip at a time and each in its own time. Wanting more is good, it makes you have something to focus on in which you put your attention and energy. Then never stop looking at it from time to time and take steps to meet it.  Next thing you know, you're embarking on another adventure.

Your dream trip is the one you take and the one that makes you happy.

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