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Music. Music has the power to transport you to another reality; it has the power to activate "disconnected" emotions; it has the power to revive memories, making the past seem present; it has the power to change your state of mind; it has the power to make you dream about the future. You just need to press play and listen.

Love’s melody

How many weddings begin with the bride and groom’s first dance, with that special music? The music they always heard together, that always reminded them of each other, that they always thought was the exact melody of their love. It always indicates happiness and that music will be, forever, special. Music is a perfect match to love, the proof of that is the number of odes about love, in all its formats and manifestations, which have been transformed into music.

Songs have faces

Some songs are undoubtedly a personification of someone, for they remind you of a certain someone; because they are songs enjoyed by that person or their message refers to that someone. When you listen to the music to which you attribute that face, you automatically have the company of that person, through experiences and memories already almost forgotten.

Every moment has its own pace

The rhythm of life often dictates the rhythm of the songs you hear. The music you hear in your car when you drive on the highway, is different from the music you hear when you’re in the middle of a city's traffic jam? The music you hear while you’re cleaning and tidying up your house, is different from the music you hear when you’re reading a book? The music that plays while you are dancing at a disco is completely different from the music you choose to hear when you meditate. Use the rhythm you want to give to each moment; complement each moment with a song.

The sound of silence

Balance is essential. If a song can be the trigger for smiles and happy memories; silence can too. Find yourself at both ends: at play and at stop. Learn to live with the total absence of sound as with musical notes intertwining harmoniously. Learn to know yourself and to understand what you need and when you need what.

Let's test the impact music can have on you?

I challenge you to test the impact music can have on you.

Prepare a soundtrack for a happy and energetic day. Choose a few empowering songs that give you positive, strong determination and powerful vibes. I leave you some examples: "Simply the best" (Tina Turner), "Beautiful" (Christina Aguilera), "Born this way" (Lady Gaga), "Brave" (Sara Bareilles), "Roar" (Katy Perry), "Respect" (Aretha Franklin). To the sound of your playlist, choose your clothes for the day, get dressed, do your hair and makeup. These songs, with their rhythm and messages, will empower you and make you feel different. Try it and you will not want another soundtrack for your mornings!

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