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October is approaching, and it is the month dedicated internationally to promote breast cancer awareness. 

During the month of October, you’ll be seeing pink all across the world, as the color symbol of breast cancer awareness and FACES WITH STORIES® also aims to raise awareness for the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common type of tumor in women and the second most frequent worldwide, according to the latest data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer. In Portugal, about 6,000 new cases of breast cancer are detected every year, and about 1,500 women die from this disease (Farmácias Portuguesas).

We encourage all women to do the breast self-exam and to have regular mammography checks-ups. It is important to know how your breasts normally look and feel so that it is easier to detect any change. Do the breast self-examination and if you detect any unusual changes in your breasts, you should contact your doctor.

When diagnosed early, about 90% of cases have a positive outcome. Therefore it is very important that woman have this awareness and that they increasingly take an active role in their health. They should educate themselves, carry out screening tests and consult health professionals whenever they have any questions.

The message that we leave you is this: take care of yourself and don't delay your health any longer!

You can also help others, by simply spreading the messages we have shared in this blog to those around you and on your social networks, and together we can reach more people!

From September 26th to October the 15th, we have a 35% discount sale on all our PINK products!

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