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Mi otra gran pasión

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"Hello! My name is Mariana, or, Miano, as I am known in my social media networks, and I am a professional makeup artist, as well as a medical student at Lisbon School of Medicine, one of the University of Lisbon’s Faculties. 

As you may read by the title, my heart is divided between Makeup and Medicine! I know, it's an improbable combination, but not an impossible one.

I started this adventure in the makeup world about two years ago as a challenge for myself. I really wanted to explore my creative side, as 90% of the time, in college I only use my most rational and logical side.

What started as a challenge, quickly became a huge passion!

Around the 2 month page, I decided to try artistic makeup or face/bodypainting. I grabbed onto this side of the makeup as if there were no tomorrow and no doubt I feel I have evolved a lot. It is this form of art in which I feel truly free and happy.

I won't lie, finding inspiration isn't always easy, and often it requires work and dedication. It takes almost always 3 hours or more of work on every bodypainting I do, but these hours seem to fly by! I enter a kind of separate universe where there is only me and the brush and my series or my music that help me to relax and let my artistic side flow more easily.

In my 4th year of college (last year) I took a makeup course at Lia Cardoso's Academy and finally I became a certified makeup artist. Since then I have taken another course in dermo-cosmetics and a few Masterclasses. I think it helped me to refine a lot of my basic makeup techniques and the makeup I do on others for their events.

My next goal is headed in taking an SFX and Bodypainting course to upgrade my techniques in these areas as well. I am still very unripe in special effects and would really like to learn more about this area.

I am now also starting to explore pregnant belly painting, which has been a new challenge that I have been receiving with open arms and mind, with great pleasure.

Next year I'm a finalist in my course, but I don't intend to leave makeup out. My utopia is to be a plastic surgeon and makeup artist."

A MESSAGE FROM FACES WITH STORIES® - We love your story Mariana, because we got to know you better. We see in you a lot of potential and we believe in you and in your ability to make this dream come true, plastic surgeon and a makeup artist...and other dreams that are still to be born.

Thank you so much for sharing YOUR story! Our story only exists with yours and with those of other people who also have something to tell us and inspire us about their relationship with makeup.

We invite you to ACCEPT this CHALLENGE and write your testimony about makeup and you will receive a gift from FACES WITH STORIES®. Send it to blog@faceswithstoriescosmetics.com

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