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Quiero Verme Como Me Siento

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My story with makeup got sparkled when I started to witness my first signs of aging. And I said to myself, “I feel so young and I feel as playful as I did in my teens. I WANT TO LOOK AS I FEEL”.

 I believe makeup is a tool for everyone who dares to use it, to give color to the roles we feel and play in life.

 Makeup brings confidence in who we are. We are people who drive to fulfill our many missions in life. We are the bride, the wife, the mother, the daughter, the executive, the artist, the teenager, the adult, the sassy, the bold, the adventures, the dreamer, the brave, the dare, …And makeup is a means to stimulate confidence in ourselves, in each one of our roles.

 Makeup is Fun and Exciting. It’s like the best hobby in the world. You, makeup fans, know exactly how I feel. We could play with makeup for hours. The glow, the colors, the smells, the creation and the transformation. It’s all magic.

 We seek our inspiration in many ways; sometimes I seek my motivation through makeup and other times through the people I admire. Either way, I like to believe I write my own story, as you write yours. You are the center of your story surrounded by dreams, victories, uncertainties, happy and sad moments, and many moods that encircle you and bring you up and down. The important thing is to stand up and rise from the moods that bring you down. 

 Seek your inspiration. BE BRILLIANT AND SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A STAR, USING YOUR HEART ALWAYS IN EVERYTHING YOU DO AND EVERYTHING YOU ARE! When you put your heart in all you do, others and good things will follow. “

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