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Conociendo La Psicología Positiva

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Today I will give you an introduction to positive psychology, as it will be something that you will read a lot about here, as you follow us.


The birth of positive psychology

Positive psychology was born in 1998 and the father of this new side of psychology was Martin Seligman. Seligman is a psychologist, professor at the University of Pennsylvania and former president of the American Psychological Association.

This new psychology movement showed us that we could change psychology’s focus. Instead of studying the signs and symptoms of a determined psychopathology, by seeking to control, reduce or even eliminate them, the focus became the study of well-being, of happiness and the characteristics and skills that happy people display.

Positive psychology studies show us that people who are more creative and braver and who easily overcome difficult times in their lives, are people with a higher rate of happiness.


The secret to happiness is not an instant recipe

Does it take a lot of work to be happy? The truth is, for some people, it takes harder work than for others. There are those who already demonstrate to have essential characteristics/skills and there are those who need to work and develop their skills. However, anything is possible and being happier is possible!

It's important that you realize that positive psychology is not a manual on how to be happy in 10 steps, nor is it a book with 100 inspiring phrases that will make you a happier person; it's not a spell that drives away everything that makes you unhappy, nor is it a magical thought that guarantees that you will find happiness.

There will always be times when you won't be satisfied with life; there will always be moments of loss, defeat, mourning; times when you will experience feelings of sadness and experience negative emotions; times when you will not reach your goals, or make a dream come true… It's all part of life!

What makes the most difference in these situations is your ATTITUDE towards the circumstances. Having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, accepting and moving on WILL MAKE YOU A HAPPIER PERSON.

We will return to positive psychology soon!


“A lot was known about depression, but almost nothing about the secrets of a happy life.”

Martin Seligman

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